By: Lindsay Klein (WDHA) 

Jared and I have been in touch for awhile on the book of  face and I've been a fan of his music from a far, but let me tell you when he sings a few feet away from you??? Woah.  Chills....

Former frontman of N.O.O.E. Jared put together a solo project entited "Farewell Luna", and just as the name is simply eloquent and beautiful, his music is even more so.  One thing that caught my eye when I first read about this project was that Jared puts a purpose into his making music to "weigh heavy on your soul, while resting blissfully within your heart."  This sentence really captivated me as its something I've always called "music magic" without really knowing how else to describe music that gets under your skin, opens your pores, seeps into your soul, and creates a peace within your heart at the same time.  For that Jared, I cannot thank you enough.  Your description of how you make music is EXACTLY what I look for in music.....You not only create that as a goal for yourself, but you make it the end result because you my dear, have music magic.

You can find Farewell Luna's music right now at as well as any other online music site and of course facebook!  Please please please check out his EP "By the morning"....Jared knows just how to use beats, his voice, instruments, and honestly the atmosphere to create a beautiful sound.  Currently he just finished recording a few new tracks in Las Vegas with "Euro Trash Collective", and he'll be releasing one song at a time over the next few months. 

My homegrown spotlight producer Lacey and I absolutely adore Jared and Farewell Luna!!! He's a gem from his personality to his music you will LOVE his original sound!!!!  Please take a listen to the acoustic track below and a fun interview between us!


AuthorJared Wohl