By: Brent Burns (Kick Kick Snare) 

Farewell Luna is Jared Wohl, a singer-songwriter from Morris Plains, New Jersey.  One who just earned a heart-felt standing ovation from the KKS team after listening to his debut EP, By The Morning.   There’s a glimmer in Wohl’s eyes that seems to shine right past the quality of his music, making me wonder if he realizes that his talents not just exceed, but smash expectations.

Not long ago, Jared performed as front man of a band called N.O.O.E. We all know the famous Alexander Graham Bell quote, “When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”  While one door may have closed for Jared, he fortunately found the one that swung opened, and without hesitation, walked through.

Jared could bring rush hour crowds to a halt if they heard his simmering, honeyed singing skills.  In LA, we don’t have a subway system at all comparable to the one in New York, but I am used to watching the occasional hidden treasure performing on the 3rd Street Promenade of Santa Monica. A future star like Jared could easily lull everyone out of nearby shops into a tight circle to enjoy his music. In fact, after my time with Jared’s EP – which is almost intimidatingly well-written and spills over with emotion – I have a feeling that if he was a regular on the 3rd Street Promenade, the nearby stores would undoubtedly be annoyed and disapprove.  Don’t get me wrong – I say that because I imagine no one would be shopping in the stores with his amazing voice booming outside.

The most important thing is that Jared is not standing still. This is not a rehash of any of his former work. It has the cohesiveness of a proper EP, but the overall grit of an experiment.  The EP’s lead track caught my attention instantly, and is what I believe to be a perfect stepping stone to his stride as a leading soloist.  Jared proves he is not flippant, but not happy-go-lucky either.  He’s introspective, lyrically and melodically intense, and it only took until about the third or fourth bar in for me to be hooked. I ‘got’ it!  I was along for the ride and it just got better each time I listened.  If you give yourself some time to appreciate where Jared is taking you, both emotionally and harmonically, you will end up loving it.

We all search for what allows us to feel whole, for what allows us to be content and at peace in our lives. This is what Farewell Luna (a metaphor for being able to say goodbye to something you thought you couldn’t live without and the intriguing mystery of the unknown; the relationship between the earth and the moon with a “carpe diem” attitude) creates.  A way of life with no regrets. Shying away from the theatrics and characters that often encompass the music industry, Jared has constructed raw, stripped down, soulful material that brings music back to what it should be…real.   So say farewell to your yesterdays, transcend the ordinary and follow Farewell Luna on his journey.


AuthorJared Wohl