My song, "By The Morning" has been selected as the grand prize winner of the Hertz Movin' Music Original Song Contest! Huge thanks goes out to Indaba Music, Metric, Hertz, & all of my fans for the love and support!


Winners Announcement


A note from Metric: Congratulations to Farewell Luna, a strong lead singer and even more so, a believable one. His ability to carry the song from the start vocally without much support instrumentally shows talent. When the chorus does kick in the added instrumentation only strengthens the song without compromising its sentiment.  There's not too much paint on this canvas and the colors are discernible and vibrant. The breakdown flows nicely into a pre-chorus, naturally teasing the anticipated chorus-outro. There is a great mix of song structure, melody and production in this work. All very smart and simple, kudos to Farewell Luna. 



AuthorJared Wohl