Graduate Work Showcase

Here you can find a compilation of my graduate work from the Master of Arts in Educational Technology (MAET) program at Michigan State University. The coursework challenged me to think critically about learning theories, pedagogical strategies, experience design and the role that technology integration plays in education. Below you will find four categories, including: 1) Data Visualization, 2) Research, 3) Course & Lesson Development, and 4) Video Production. Each piece is accompanied by a brief description and a “Click Here” button to access it in its entirety.


Data Visualization


Infographic: Rethinking the Role of Educators

I created this infographic to help visualize the transformation of the role of educators from the 18th century to present day. It showcases educators evolving from instructors to facilitators in a student-led environment, encompassing a wealth of characteristics that are crucial for student learning.


InfographiC: Makerspaces

Recognizing that makerspace is a buzzword in education whereas many in the field do not understand its characteristics, I created this infographic using Google Drawings which articulates: a) what a makerspace is, b) where they are typically formed, c) what types of equipment and tools they include, d) why they are so popular and e) what they can look like.


Google My Maps: Redefining Adversity through Questioning

Exemplifying the power of redefining technology per the SAMR model (substitution, augmentation, modification and redefinition), I created this custom Google My Maps which tracks a powerful personal experience of mine — donating a portion of my liver to my brother Cameron. The goal was to redefine how Google My Maps can be used, inspiring my students to invest in their learning and demonstrating what’s possible with a simple shift in perspective.


Wicked Problem Project - Jared Wohl

Wicked Problem Project

This multimodal presentation was developed using Google Sites and is the culmination of a collaborative project that comprised of researching and formulating a solution to Rethinking the Role of Educators. Utilizing Warren Berger’s Why/What If/How problem solving process from his book, A More Beautiful Question, the presentation contains excerpts from infographics that we designed, peer-reviewed research, and data collected from a survey that we created and conducted, which ultimately assisted us in forming a solution.

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 10.03.51 PM.png

Research Review Project: Problem-based Learning (PBL)

While I have had experience with problem-based learning (PBL) in my own classes, this research paper discusses a multitude of peer-reviewed research on the topic. It showcases evidence on how PBL supports students’ learning, most notably by furthering students’ comprehension of concepts, knowledge acquisition, cognitive functioning, capacity to transfer learning to authentic settings, and engagement in the learning process.


Course & Lesson Development

Online Course - Jared Wohl

online course: Digital Citizenship & Safety

This online course module was developed using Google Sites and Google Classroom on the topic of Digital Citizenship and Safety. It showcases evidence of effective UX design (user experience), unit and lesson development, integration of multimedia learning theory, and content creation.

Maker Lesson - Jared Wohl

Lesson Design: Designing an Ideal Classroom Prototype

This lesson was developed for STEM-related courses (courses that combine science, technology, engineering and math subject matter). It tasks students with observing and assessing their past and current classroom designs, researching the future of collaborative learning spaces and then creating a prototype of their ideal classroom to meet the needs and desires of students. It emphasizes autonomy in the learning process and offers students the ability to be creative problem solvers.


Video Production

Maker Video - Jared Wohl

Made to be a maker

This is a video I produced and narrated that celebrates the exploration of Maker Culture, the idea that we are all fundamentally born to be makers, some of us tinkering with small projects and others creating the next groundbreaking technology. It incorporates remixed media, using only images and videos from the public domain.

Creativity Synthesis Video - Jared wohl

Creativity Synthesis project

This is a video I produced and narrated that showcases the characteristics of creativity, as coined by Dr. Punya Mishra and the Deep-Play research group as novel, effective and whole, along with thinking tools one can use to exercise creativity, adapted from Robert and Michele Root-Bernstein’s book, Sparks of Genius.


*Header Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash