Tech Top 10 (K-12)

The following is a list of my favorite educational technology and productivity tools (in no particular order).


What is it? A web-based tool dedicated to teaching individuals how to code using block coding. It also includes a platform for sharing and remixing the work of others. It’s free and easy to get started with the built-in tutorials that are offered along with a wealth of resources available on the internet.

Mozilla’s Web Literacy Wheel

What is it? An interactive framework that maps out the necessary 21st century skills that individuals must now possess to effectively navigate and participate in the digital world. As literacies are separated into three main categories (Participate, Write, and Read), users can click on specific sections of the wheel and learn about particular skills and their importance to 21st Century learning.

Google Keep

What is it? A collaborative note-taking app (offered through G Suite for Education) that allows users to create notes, checklists, drawings and more. It’s great for managing to-do lists and the mobile app allows for seamless integration.
Bonus: Check out the Google Keep Chrome Extension for access to taking notes on specific websites.


What is it? A content aggregator tool that allows users to create and organize feeds from RSS subscriptions, websites and just about any other stream of content. Unlike social media platforms that utilize algorithms to curate content, Feedly allows users to manually curate their own content, helping to more effectively control one’s infodiet.


What is it? Allows users the ability to take any streaming video and slow down its pace by dispersing questions and comments throughout. It’s great for teachers to use as a formative assessment tool.


What are they? Audio files published via channels that listeners can subscribe to, ranging in subject-matter from self-help to fictional storytelling. There is something powerful in the act of listening, as it provides users the ability to imagine — similar to that of reading a traditional book. While there are many apps that offer users the ability to explore podcasts, I use the Podcasts app on my iPhone as it’s free and, generally, user-friendly.


What is it? Allows users to create a stream of dialogue through brief videos that are posted and commented on; it’s sort of like a condensed vlog. It can be used as a fun way to formatively assess students or as a reflection tool.


What is it? Allows users to gather data by creating surveys, questionnaires or assessments (offered through G Suite for Education). Responses are collected in real-time and charts are automatically created to help quickly visualize and analyze the data. Data can also be analyzed in Google Sheets for further analysis.


What is it? A collaborative digital bulletin board that allows users the ability to post notes, questions, responses, videos or just about any other type of media.


What is it? A collection of articles that can be differentiated by text level, reading skill and content subject matter.